As makeup lovers, we we all want the perfect foundation and a bronzer that makes us look kissed by the sun. But for many, lipstick is where the fun lies. With various finishes and a world of shades to select from, any given lipstick can change the mood of your finished look entirely, so we totally understand the allure. In fact, cosmetic education website Tajmeeli reports that lipstick was the most searched for beauty product of the last year, and given its non-daunting nature in comparison to complexion products, it’s easy to see why its become a beauty fanatic’s favorite makeup product to stock up on.

We know by now exactly where to go when we want to explore not only the top beauty brands, but also, a laundry list of product options in general – Sephora. Home to lipsticks lines from the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty Beauty, Yves Saint Laurent and more, it’s a wonder if a single trip to the retailer’s website doesn’t result in you pressing “submit order” on a new formula to try. In case you’re in the market for a new lipstick now (when we are we not), we thought’d we’d begin with the no-brainer option – Sephora’s best-sellers. Shop 11 of the fan-favorite formulas ahead.