Beauty tutorials on YouTube and Instagram have replaced hairdressers and makeup artists when it comes to doing everyday looks. So we’re constantly scouring social media for the next best tutorial on how to achieve what used to be the unachievable when left on our own.

I’ve learned everything from how to install my own faux locs (it was not a bad effort), to how to glue down a lace front (it was not my proudest hair moment). And each month, there are more and more videos to discover, and looks to try.

With Halloween closing out the month on Thursday, there have been countless videos on how to do costume makeup and spooky nails. But there has also been a variety of interesting tutorials and videos on hair and makeup that are just fun to watch. Below are five that I found helpful and entertaining.

This video is great because we’re used to seeing beauty influencers own their looks. In this tutorial, Monicastylemuse is admittedly trying something new with Euphoria-inspired makeup. Even though she’s “late to the game” with the trend, she still goes in, and creates a double-tap worthy beat.

Her Given Hair is always chock full of useful hair tutorials for first time unit-wearers and naturalistas. In this quick tutorial, Shantania Beckford shows us how to achieve a full coily high ponytail with intricate front details, without needing to know how to braid. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s uncomplicated.

Morgan Brown is a skincare influencer with the most covetable blemish-free face. Her videos are always nice to watch because she’s like that girlfriend you love because she’s sweet and down-to-earth, but whom you secretly wish would get a pimple just once in her life so that she can see how the rest of us live. This recent video showcasing her morning travel routine includes some coin-dropping products, but most of which we can attest are worth their price tags.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this video a tutorial because the hair braider with the amazing hand skills doesn’t really stop to show the audience how to do what she does. But if anything can be learned from this short video it’s that if you want to braid quickly and efficiently you’ve got to put your hips into it, and Beyoncé is the vibe. We’re officially requesting that hair braiding be added to the winter Olympics. This girl is taking home the gold.

We’ve seen many spooky sexy looks for Halloween, but we know that it’s also a holiday that gives ladies an excuse to dress up like hot versions of every day people (nurses, nuns, school bus drivers). We love Beats by Deb’s chic version of a Masquerade Skulltress using Swarovski crystals. It’s a creative take on a Halloween skeleton that feels fresh and updated, but it’s also simple and doesn’t take much makeup.