9 Beauty Products That Are Amazing Insect Repellents

Let’s be real—no one enjoys layering his or her signature fragrance with bug spray. However, with the Zika virus' emergence as an international health crisis, now’s the time to be proactive about protection.

It turns out you don’t need to invest in a smelly bottle of OFF! to feel at ease. Check out nine of our favorite beauty products that will keep your summer skin bite-free. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 12, 2016

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This natural brand’s insect repellent is made with plant-based essential oils (lemongrass, cedar, fir needle) and toners (witch hazel, apple cider vinegar) that make for a sweet-smelling, but effective combination. MMT also makes a lavender lemongrass body oil that can be used for repelling purposes. $18, meowmeowtweet.com.

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Store these soap bars for your next camping trip. Its ingredients directly combat mosquito-born illnesses and when you purchase a pack, the company will donate one bar to an organization fighting widespread illnesses like malaria. $20, osanabar.com.

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You’ll trick everyone into thinking this elegantly packaged mosquito repellent is an expensive perfume. $16, coquicoqui.com.

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Plant-based lemon eucalyptus repels mosquitoes for up to six hours, so be sure to reapply this one throughout the day. Although it’s suitable for year-round use, the cool scent is especially appealing for summer. $5.15, amazon.com.

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Cedarwood, rosemary and lemongrass are infused into this USDA-certified organic perfume that just so happens to be armor against insects. The brand also utilizes these same ingredients for a serum that can be used with the spray. $31, intelligentnutrients.com.

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This insect repelling cream will also protect you from itchy bug bites, thanks to a simple blend of citronella and tea tree oil. $13, amazon.com.

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This lemon tea fragrance is unisex and safe to spray on your bed or clothes without staining. Spritz every four hours to ensure you’re protected throughout the day. $38, shen-beauty.com.

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The star ingredient of this mist—hiba essential oil—is found exclusively in the 300-year old Aomori Hibi trees of Japan. Besides the citrusy fragrance, this unique ingredient is also renowned for it anti-microbial and insect repelling properties. $38, luckyscent.com.

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If you’re headed to a place plaqued with mosquito-born illness, this pricier spray is TSA friendly and strong enough to keep bugs at bay. $65, aromaflage.com.