11 Times Halle Berry’s Instagram Took Our Breath Away

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, let’s look back at Halle’s most beautiful Instagram moments to date. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 12, 2016

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Halle is a kaleidoscope dream personified.

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Halle just inspired us to get a chocolate mani.

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We’ll never get tired of close ups like this.

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If Halle weren’t an actress, she’d make an amazing hand model. How is this so perfect?!

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Where is your happy place, Halle? Can we come with you?

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Excuse us while we go hop on a treadmill.

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Halle’s smile can light up the darkest of days.

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We have two words for this: hair. goals.

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Can we make #WineCrushWednesday an official holiday?!

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Who doesn’t love Toni Morrison?!

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This is the photo that started it all. Keep serving Instagram goals, Ms. Berry!