8 Ways To Match Your Fragrance to Your Labor Day Destination

There's still time to spruce up your beauty bag for Labor Day weekend! We've teamed up with Scentbird co-founder Rachel ten Brink to match the most popular vacay destinations with a scent that'll reflect the elements. Whether you're headed toward wine country or partying it up in Vegas, these fragrant finds are sure to bring your vacation style full circle. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 29, 2016

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Agent Provocateur Petale Noir, $29, fragrancex.com - As we all know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so let your feminine prowess out with this risky spicy floral.

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Vince Camuto Amore, $85, vincecamuto.com - A playful, fruity and powdery scent to compliment a full day of beach, waves and fun.

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Versace Bright Crystal, $73, sephora.com - A fun and romantic fruity floral scent for watching those famous sunsets.

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Indigo, Nest Fragrances, sephora.com - A scent that has it all, from fruity green to woody floral, for the Cape where you can connect with family and with nature.

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Carven L’eau de Toilette, $83, nordstrom.com- A delicate and ultra feminine floral that is classic, chic and apt for any scene with the elite.

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Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume, $100, sephora.com - With about 40% of the island set aside for conservation, the linear soft musk will help you blend with this beautiful destination. 

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Tocca Stella, $68, sephora.com - This sophisticated yet youthful white floral, is like the experience of a great wine with nuances of citrus and woods.

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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot, $36, nordstrom.com - Complete the spiritual retreat with holistic effects of vanilla and the familiarity of apricot and papaya.


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