The verdict is in – since its 2013 inception, London-based makeup giant Charlotte Tilbury has become one most connoisseurs would immediately recommend (if not demand) you have in your beauty drawer. In fact, the brand sits in the second seat of most Googled makeup brands of 2021, but with it being known for its laundry list of products, insane pigment, celebrity fan base and vanity decor-approved packaging, the results come as no surprise. The brand may have rose to fame with the success of it Magic Cream, the moisturizer-primer hybrid that marked its initial launch, but today, nearly every Charlotte Tilbury release reaches stan-worthy status. With a once celebrity makeup artist at its helm, it’s easy to see how the brand’s knows exactly what fans want.

The best way to tell where to start on building your collection if you’re new to club (or if you just need to do a little restocking)? Head straight to the bestsellers tab on Sephora and browse the reviews. Consumers don’t hold back on their opinions (and you can even filter through reviews based on skin type or tone), making it that much easier to find the next product your cosmetic pouch can’t go on without. Rejoice, old and soon-to-be Charlotte Tilbury fans – We’ve rounded up all the brand’s most popular products at Sephora below. We’ve even pulled corresponding reviews so you know exactly why shoppers love them.