10 Brazilian Beauty Products Every Black Girl Should Try

 If you crave a natural glow that doesn’t require a beach day or lengthy salon appointment, there are plenty of products with gold medal status.  Keep reading for the scoop on 10 Brazilian beauty products every black girl should take for a test drive.  

Nikki Brown Aug, 05, 2016

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Mahogany is also among the beauty giants of Brazil. Its reach extends to both men and women with tried and true staple products. Besides the fun and flirty packaging, this specific conditioner is also formulated with viola tricolor, a wildflower known for its herbal healing properties. 

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There’s no room for complaining when chocolate and beauty are combined. This delicious teddy-shaped treat is gluten free and formulated with collagen for better skin health. We’ll take two of these, please!

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Micellar water is a godsend that anyone and everyone can appreciate. Whether you want to cleanse or freshen up on the go, this liquid fixer upper is the key to a flawless bare face. This Brazilian find is particularly great for August because its non-greasy formula won’t budge in high temps.

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The product name says it all. Even in the dead of winter, this hair and body shimmer will give you a permanent vacation glow. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s non-toxic, dye-free and dries just three minutes after application.

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Castanha, chestnuts native to Brazil, are what make this body moisturizer so rich and hydrating. The strong (and delicious!) fragrance is all natural, so no need to worry about dealing with dangerous side effects.

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Contem’s sleek and sexy packaging is reason enough to give this product a try. If you prefer little to no makeup during summer, primer is a quick and easy way to make the skin look smoother while also diminishing fine lines.

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Who doesn’t aspire to have lengthy lashes, especially when mascara and makeup removers constantly damage them? This eyelash serum is literally a coat of protection against the harsh side effects of everyday makeup use. Nettle extract and horse chestnut (both native to Brazilian) also work to promote natural growth.

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Nativa Spa is among some of the biggest beauty brands below the equator. This hair mask oozes argan and monoi oils, both of which are the ultimate spa experience for hair strands. If you’ve always dreamed of having bouncy curls that don’t fall victim to the sun, this brings you one step closer. 

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This fast absorbing body cream will tighten and smooth your skin to perfection. Its star ingredient is the guarana, an Amazonian plant that’s naturally infused with coconut oil and some of the most potent caffeine on the planet.

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Although Vult is sometimes considered a drugstore brand, it’s consistently revered for its high quality line of makeup products. This dark and sultry lippie is an affordable way to jump on the matte lipstick bandwagon.