Best Beauty Looks For Music Festivals, Concerts, and Carnivals
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The world is opening back up and so are opportunities to get our social lives back. This means that festivals, carnivals, and experiences including ESSENCE Festival are making a full comeback and we can’t wait. We can all agree that the most exciting part of the festival process is the fashion, style, and glam. Don’t know where to start? These beauty experts can get you right!

“Festival season is fun. It’s the perfect time to show your personality and be free. I always suggest trying more daring things,” Bobbie Riley, founder of Bobbie Riley Beauty University told ESSENCE. “When the pandemic started the women were inside and eager to get dolled up and express themselves like they were used to. With COVID being over and festivals back and running, do-it-yourself makeup is that key tool to having fun, breaking free, and expressing themselves!”

When it comes to prepping for music festival season, makeup artist Alexus Brown prefers a natural beat with a hint of pizazz which she refers to as the “Superstar Glō.” She describes it as a “simple, sleek” look and “similar to the look Kim [Kardashian] wears on a regular [basis].” “These looks are timeless! If you want more of a pop, those bold vibrant colors could be a perfect companion in creating that perfect eye-catching look that will have all eyes on you!,” Brown told ESSENCE. 

Below, Riley and Brown give ESSENCE readers their makeup artist expertise on the do’s, don’t’s, and must-haves of festival season for all your beauty needs. Check it out!

Lipstick versus Lip Gloss

I absolutely love a good gloss, but for longevity, lipstick would be more efficient due to the long hours spent outdoors because you’ll have to touch it up less. If I had to choose a shade, I’d definitely be going for a matte mauve pink with a brown lip liner. If I wanted to make a bold statement, I’d go for a banging red lip! Not just any red but a red that has blue undertones. When a red lip is worn you have no choice but to be fearless, bold, and have all eyes on you. – Alexus Brown

Experiment with Colors

Be young, wild, and free. That’s what festivals are for, right? Living your best life, enjoying what life offers all in one big day! Colors to experiment with are blues such as teals on the lip and eye. Iridescent for those luminous colors that change when seen from different angles. If you aren’t big into eye shadow, white liner, black liner, or color on top of the black liner is beautiful. 

I’ll say this ladies – you can’t go wrong with super bold pigments. You can also do blue, fuchsia, and emerald green colored lashes. If you want to go out with a bang, try out face laces for graphic eyeliner and eye stickers. – Bobbie Riley

Get Crazy and Creative

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I love the look that resembles actual art on the faces [and]  the creative looks that stand out. The looks that embellish the person’s facial features. I’ve seen a face that was very expressive with triangle shapes around the eyes – it was super impressive! I absolutely love to see the looks that combined the blush with glitters on the cheeks because it looks so fierce! Last but not least, I love the jewels that are placed on the face in an ever so pleasing way! – Alexus Brown

Coverage Galore

Other essentials while out at festivals and carnivals for a little coverage are BB Cream or CC Cream. For smooth but high coverage, light natural finishes, and any long-wear foundation is a plus for outdoors. We can’t forget our sunscreen – the higher the SPF the greater for your face and body. – Bobbie Riley 

Match Your Shadow with Your Fit

Your outfit determines the eyeshadow look. If you wanted to stay more on the natural side of things, I’d go with a warm brown on the lid with a bold winged liner and a pop of color in the inner corners of the eye. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy I’d go for a cut crease with details that matches the outfit – Alexus Brown

Hydrating, Mattifying, or Poreless Primers?

It depends on the skin. During a summer festival for oily skin, you may overproduce oil and that can ruin the make-up look you were aiming for. Don’t forget your SPF! As for dry skin – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The summer heat and dry air will dry your skin out so fast especially if you plan to be at the festival all day, use a moisturizer and SPF. – Bobbie Riley

Keep Your Face Fresh, Clean, and Hydrated

Having a good skincare regimen is essential every morning and night. Starting your makeup with a clean face is just as important as ending your night with a clean face because it rids the skin surface of any dirt, oil, and makeup particles. Most people think wearing makeup creates breakouts but in reality, it’s the skincare regimen that protects the skin. Properly cleansing your face after a day of makeup eliminates the chances of your pores getting clogged, therefore limiting the chances of a breakout. 

It is also important to make sure your skin is properly hydrated and fresh, especially as an active makeup wearer.  Maintaining your skin’s health and hydration helps elongates youthfulness, creating fewer wrinkles and discoloration upon the skin. A good skincare regime is a foundation to a beautiful face of makeup every time! – Alexus Brown