10 Affordable Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Existed At Topshop

Whether you’re a makeup novice or seasoned pro, it’s easy to forget that beauty options exist outside of the department stores and local CVS. These days, it isn’t uncommon to find that a lot of fashion brands have expanded their offerings to also include hair, skin and makeup staples. Over the past few years, we’ve grown to love Topshop’s underrated beauty section. Not only is the packaging clean and simple; each product is incredibly affordable and easy to use. If you need to restock your core essentials—liner, mascara, lipsticks and more—their website is a great place to start. Shop ten of our must-haves below. 

Nikki Brown Sep, 22, 2016

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Get in formation with this cleverly named lippie. Beyoncé would approve! $12, topshop.com.

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Everyone needs a dependable black liner. $8, topshop.com.

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Plan ahead for Halloween with this festive liner. $14, topshop.com.

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Classic red lipstick is always in. $16, topshop.com.

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Keep your perfectly arched brows in place with this tinted formula. $16, topshop.com.

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Sweep this reflective iridescent shade over your entire lid or on top of liner for a dramatic finish. $12, topshop.com.

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Achieve the ultimate highlight with this roll on stick. $15, topshop.com.

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Protect and prep your skin for makeup application with this HD-level refiner. You can also wear alone. $18, topshop.com.

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Make everything think you’re wearing falsies with this lightweight formula. $14, topshop.com.

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Keep your brows in check with a pair of gunmetal tweezers. $8, topshop.com.