Tracee Ellis Ross’ #1 Beauty Product She Won’t Let T-Murda Use

“It just smells so good,” says actress Tracee Ellis Ross about her #1 beauty product for the spring season. “Smell it, doesn’t it just make you want to be a better person?”

Celebrities are always trying new beauty items, but Ross just can’t get enough of Vinters Daughters Active Botanical Serum, a $185 facial serum made up of 22 active botanicals that aren’t comprised of extracts.

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“I’m obsessed with it,” says the black-ish actress. “When I put this on I look like I’ve slept for two-days straight! When you wake up, eat Special K Nourish cereals, apply this serum and you’re fueled for the day!”

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While Ross can’t get enough of the facial serum, she doesn’t allow her partner in crime, T-Murda to try it. “Oh no! I won’t let her try this—this is the good stuff,” she says.

And at a little over $6 an ounce, we couldn’t agree more.

To purchase the special serum, visit And, to check out the new Special K Nourish Your Next project that Ross supports, check out