Review: Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes Mascara
Courtesy of Huda Beauty

When you’re a brand that segmented itself in the beauty industry as a major go-to for false lashes, you really have to bring the heat when you finally launch a mascara. So I had pretty high expectations when Huda Beauty launched its first ever LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara.

Launched out of Huda Kattan’s undying love for lashes and lack of lush lashes herself, this mascara is poised to be another game changer for the brand.

“For me lashes are the epitome of femininity, which is why I became obsessed with fake lashes since mine are so short and sparse!” said Kattan. “Finally, I have a mascara that gives me the confidence to go falsie-free when I want.”

But does LEGIT Lashes mascara stack up to competitors and falsies?

I typically don’t trust mascara commercials or photo ads. They often use false lashes or rely on tons of post-production touch ups. My eyelashes never look like the ads.

My lashes are so curly that they sometimes touch my eyelids. They’re also long but unruly, and my top corner lashes fall down until they appear to be bottom lashes. These are some of the reasons that I’m so bad at applying false lash strips. And I almost always need to use a primer before I can apply any mascara.

Immediately I noticed that the curl and length side of the LEGIT Lashes wand helped tame my unruly hairs with no primer. It helped to lift up fallen lashes and keep them lifted, and stretched out those super curly ones to give them nice length. Score 1 LEGIT Lashes.

After seeing what the wands did solo I decided to use them together. I noticed that my lashes were dramatically different even before I combined them, but together they really popped. I did need to comb through with a clean spoolie between applications when I used both to avoid too much product buildup. But the result was worth it—I almost got that wispies look.

I’m still such a novice at applying lashes so I’m excited about mascara that gives me this much pop. It’s not a substitute for your most dramatic falsies. But it’s the closest you’ll come to falsies in a bottle. And since I’m too frugal to keep getting lash extensions (and honestly concerned about the damage they can cause) I’d rather invest in a mascara that gives me several applications for my money.

Simply put, I think Huda’s got another hit on her hands.


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