This $7 Beauty Item Was A Red Carpet Constant In 2019
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It’s easy to assume that when celebrities are out and about in the best of the best, they’re draped in expensive and aspirational items, even when it comes to beauty. But we’ve learned several times over in 2019 that when it comes to hair and makeup, our favorite celebs like what they like, and price is not a factor. They mix prestige items with drugstore beauty to achieve the near-perfect red-carpet looks that we stan over while flipping through their social media pages.

In 2019 Regina King, Lizzo, Taraji P. Henson and Serena Williams all wore false eyelashes by KISS on the red carpet. And in 2018, Taraji also wore KISS lashes to the 90th Annual Academy Awards, and Cardi B wore the dramatic lashes to the Met Gala and the MTV Video Music Awards.

“Ms. King loves KISS lashes for the red carpet, so it was easy to fall in love with the effortless drama of the new KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama Collection lashes to complement her all-white Oscars look,” said celebrity makeup artist Latrice Johnson, who created Regina King’s Academy Awards beauty look. “It created a beautifully bold eye without extra weight.”

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Available at stores like CVS, Target andWalmart and on and, they’re easy to incorporate into your look for daily use or for special occasions like today.

This New Year’s Eve, the affordable lashes can easily take your look from basic to amazing. And one of the biggest upsides is that if you’re a beginner at applying falsies, you won’t waste a ton of money when you run through a few pairs trying to master it.


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