10 Feel-Good Beauty Products That Will Erase All Traces Of Heavy Makeup

Holiday makeup can wreak havoc on the face, especially for those who celebrate Halloween in more than one look. Between the heavy foundation, faux eyelashes and dark vampy lips, your skin is bound to need a little rescue and repair. No matter the occasion, it's super important to get rid of the gunk and rehab your face back to its au naturel glory. And special moments aside, who doesn't appreciate a little TLC just because? Use these affordable finds together or mix and match for the ultimate spa experience at home. 

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If wipes are too light and oil is too heavy for your skin, this gel formula is the perfect compromise for removing heavy foundation. $24, sephora.com 

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Eyeliner and lipstick are some of the hardest products to remove; especially after a night of festive fun. This magic wand will get into all the nooks and crannies to remove hard to reach places. You can also use to touch up makeup throughout the day. $8, sephora.com

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Scrub away the gunk from your makeup and prevent breakouts with the ultimate cleansing tool that keeps germs on your hands away from the face. $129, sephora.com

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Remove all residue of body paint or makeup with this energizing and exfoliating deep cleansing bar that helps combat fatigue while stimulating your senses. $15, sephora.com

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Now that the party is over, diminish signs of fatigue and congested skin with this soothing sheet mask. $6, sephora.com

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There's nothing like the cooling effects of a face mask after makeup has dried out the skin. Restore hydration with this super replenishing treament, suitable for all skin types. $22, sephora.com

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Replenish your lips from all those drying matte lipsticks with this gentle exfoliant, made with pure brown sugar crystals, nourishing oils and shea butter. $24, sephora.com

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Skip the makeup for all post-party festivities. Instead, hydrate tired skin with this energizing liquid moisturizer, while creating a dewy glow.  $55, sephora.com

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Still feeling the after effects of a holiday weekend? Pat on this energizing eye cream that instantly wakes up tired eyes, and reduces dark circles for a more radiant look. $30, sephora.com

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Whether you're at your desk or getting ready for bed, this refreshing face mist is the ultimate pick-me-up for tired skin. $16, sephora.com