Three Personalized Beauty Finds That Will Give You The Holiday Feels
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Fragrance can be a challenging gift to purchase. If you aren’t given the exact name or a perfume, how would you ever guess what a person is interested in? After all, fragrance can be so personal and it’s not wise to assume someone will love it just because you do. How many bottles of perfume do you have sitting around that go to waste simply because it’s just not your style? If you want to give the gift of a delightful aroma, but aren’t sure which direction to go, try a scent with meaning. When a gift has a personal touch attached to the person receiving it or a particular memory, it makes it even more special. Here are four gifts that will not only smell divine, but will give you all the feels. Archipelago Botanicals We’ve said it before; there’s nothing like a home or space filled with an alluring scent. This holiday season, Archipelago Botanicals is monogramming candles to give them that extra special touch.  In just three simple steps, you can choose from a variety of colors and font types to make this gift oh so special. Buy at ($45).

The first step is to pick your favorite hue. From red to brown to purple, there is sure to be a color that you’ll love. Next, add your monogrammed name, word or initials and select your sizing and placement. This is the step you want to get just right. And the third and final step is to choose your fragrance! Then you’ve not only got a gift that smells lovely, but that you took the extra step to make it a unique gift for your friend or loved one. The Body Shop The Body Shop body butters are exactly what your dry skin needs during the brittle cold months. Not only do they moisturize like a boss, they smell divine.

For you east coasters out there, you’re in luck because these are only going to be sold in the tri-state area and in physical stores. If you’re on the west coast or down south, dial a friend that’s local because these are too cute to pass up. And the best part is every jar sold helps fund and restore 1 square meter of a rainforest. Pinrose We were first introduced to this eclectic brand by their unique fragrance wipes. And now Pinrose is letting you customize bottles with your favorite photos.

This is the ultimate gift if you want to take a sentimental approach. Whether you’re choosing a photo from your favorite vacation, a silly selfie or an important shot of a loved one, this gift is sure to be a hit. Select from over 10 scents, upload your favorite picture and you’ve got a true gift with meaning. Buy at ($50-$60).


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