The Kid-Friendly Gifts You Didn’t Know Existed in the Beauty Aisle
Buying the perfect gifts for your little boy or girl can become the bane of your existence during the holiday season. With less than a month until Christmas, it’s time to make some important decisions and find the top finds that will have them screaming, “My mom is so cool.” These two gems are sure to delight your little darling, boy or girl. Lip Smacker Ultimate Lip Balm Vault ($50, There’s no denying that little girls are so curious about makeup. If she’s under the age of 13, she’s probably not allowed to wear it. So what’s the next best thing? If your little one is anything like my 5 year old niece, lip balms are a collectible item. And when they are filled with yummy flavors like our favorite snacks and soft drinks, they become hard to resist.

Surprise your little angel with this ultimate Lip Smacker vault filled with 36 regular-sized balms and six jumbo balms in every flavor and color you could ever desire. Not only will she think you’re the best mom (aunt or sister) ever, her pout will be uber hydrated this season. There’s no such think as too much hydration for lips, right? Superman Eau de Toilette Spray ($13,
When buying for your little gent, the beauty department isn’t the first to come to mind, but don’t rule us out just yet. Switch it up from his typical video games, toys and sneakers and make him feel so dapper with his very own fragrance. If you’re worried this might be too mature for a little guy, think again. Just as little girls want to put on makeup like their mommies, little boys want to do things like their daddies.

Whether they are super fans or just into smelling good, these superhero colognes are beyond cool.  Collect them all or buy their favorites; they’ll have a blast spritzing scents from their favorite television characters. The best part of all is the price point. Find all of these characters buys for under $15!


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