Keke Palmer's Favorite Beauty Product is Less Than $10

David Livingston/Getty Images

Budget beauty? Yes, please!

Virginia Lowman Nov, 19, 2015

Obviously, we love Keke Pamer. She’s the cool girl next door that also happens to be incredibly famous. The Scream Queens star stopped by a popular beauty mag recently and shared a few beauty tips with them including her favorite foundation, which we were pleased to learn is a drugstore brand! 

Black Girl’s Guide To Drugstore Concealer

Palmer swears by Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation in Amber. To diffuse the color for an illuminated look, she adds a few drops of airbrush thinner to the foundation and applies it to her face using her favorite makeup brush. Apparently, her makeup artist—who is also responsible for J-Lo’s gorgeous glow—swears by it. Thanks for the tips, Keke!

Black Opal True Foundation Stick, $9.95 availbale at drugstores