Jessie Woo Talks Beauty And Reality TV
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If you only know Jessie Woo from the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop Miami, then you don’t know the real Jessie Woo. We got to see small glimpses of her joking demeanor, small bits of her warm side, and even Jessie at her most vulnerable. But there’s so much more to her. And if you follow her on social media, then you know how funny and entertaining she truly is.

Whether it’s jokingly singing about her new wig, or talking about a bad zozo appointment, seeester is good for a laugh. Often times, the jokes are directed at her own beauty routines. Though the singer and TV personality never fancied herself a glamor girl, it’s more than obvious with her funny videos and always impeccable beats that she is a beauty influencer. With the recent release of her EP Moods Of A Cancer, we’ve also had the chance to enjoy her musical talents, and see more of her glam side in her creative videos.

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ESSENCE chatted with Jessie to get the scoop on the products she loves to get her glammed up, the importance of Brown skin girl representation in beauty, and what she learned about beauty from being on reality TV.

You always seem like you’re having fun with your beauty. That video with your wig off?!

Okay, that’s so funny ’cause that video I did about Bold Hold, that went viral. I didn’t expect for it to hit so many people, but it was just so funny because that’s really how I do my wig. I talk to myself. It’s an experience. Getting ready is an experience for me. I love it.

What are some of the things that you gravitate towards when you’re putting your face on?

Most of the time I would always have a neutral lip, but lately I have gotten more into red. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I named myself after Ruby Woo, the MAC lipstick. I would mix it up with other colors and people would ask, ‘What’s that on your lips?’ I would say, ‘Oh, that’s a little Jessie Woo.’ I love eyeshadows in blues, greens, purples. Because I think when you’re dark skinned, a lot of times we’re told not to do colors. The darker you are, the more colors you should do, because it stands out more.

And what are your go-to stuck-on-a-desert-island brands?

Ruby Woo from MAC is like the Holy Grail of red lipstick because anybody can wear that color. My favorite eyeshadow palette right now is Jackie Aina’s Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. I literally use it all the time. I really like Juvia’s Place, because it’s so affordable. And with Juvia’s Place it’s like one swipe and that green is popping, that blue is popping, the brown is popping. Fenty Beauty’s Mocha Mami is a bronzer but I use it to contour and I’m telling you, I be looking like I’m fresh out of a 10 day fast. I’m talking about my cheekbones chiseled, my face be chiseled to the max. And Black Radiance stick foundation is something that I keep in my bag. What I love about it is your skin doesn’t look like you’re wearing foundation.

Why do you think representation is important, and why is it important for girls to see you wear bold colors in that way.

I think there’s this notion that makeup has to be a certain way. And whenever I show people how I do my makeup, they’re always like, ‘Oh, that’s how you do it?, or ‘Oh, you’re dark, but you can do this?’ Makeup is for everybody, you just got to find your way to do it. When I did my Black Radiance tutorials, so many girls went out and bought the palette and they’re tagging me in the pictures every day. I feel good that when I share it with other people, that they feel good too.

Where does that confidence come from?

My mom always said Jessica just always walked to the beat of her own drum. I’ve always been somebody who’s going to be me. And being me is being goofy, being me is being sometimes serious. I’m a cancer, I’m very moody. Yes, I can be funny, but I can also be glam too. But then I can turn down really quickly. That’s just who I am.

Is there any really crazy or eclectic style that you’ve always kind of wanted to try with your hair?

I think that I should definitely do more short styles, because it shows my face more. And in my video for “Vacation” I did a high ponytail, and I loved that. I do want to rock my natural hair more too. When I take my wig off, people are surprised that I have a lot of hair. It’s about to be 2020, and a lot of people still think that just because you were a weave it means that you’re bald-headed and that’s not true. A lot of us just wear weave because it’s protective, and my hair has grown a lot because I just left it alone. But for the fall I want to try goddess locks like Scottie Beam.

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What is probably the best thing that you’ve learned when it comes to beauty or hair from being on reality TV?

They don’t do your hair and sometimes you’ll be lucky to get a good makeup artist, so know your shade in all brands. I know MAC is a brand most makeup artists use. So I know I’m NW 50. Whether it’s Black Opal, whether it’s Black Radiance, I can spot my shade. When I was doing reality TV, there would be times when makeup artists would come in, and I would still have to do my own makeup. I did my own makeup a lot, and thank goodness it came out good on screen because I’m not a makeup artist.

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