Everything You Need For A Last Minute New Year’s Eve Manicure
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1. Manicure Kit: Don’t even think about cutting and buffing your nails without a tool kit. Look for one that includes all of the basic essentials, including a file, clippers, cuticle remover and tweezers for those ingrown pieces you can’t quite reach.
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And if it’s travel-sized, you’re set for any nail emergency in the New Year. 2. Nail Polish Remover: Once you’re fully stocked with tools, make sure that your nails are naked. If they aren’t, use an acetone-free polish remover that doesn’t utilize super harsh ingredients to dissolve color.
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However, keep in mind that using this healthier option means you’ll have to add extra pressure when removing highly pigmented shades or multiple coats. 3. Base Coat: Your nails are cut and cleaned–what’s next? The fun part, of course! After you’ve exfoliated and moisturized your hands, start by applying a clear base coat.
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We tend to forget this important step, but it’s what will keep your nail beds from chipping and discoloration. Wait about 3-5 minutes for the coat to completely dry. 4. Color, Color, Color!: Go bold with your color choice; it’s New Year’s Eve after all! No matter the shade, remember to apply two coats, with a one minute wait time in between each.
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Also, don’t forget to cap off each nail, i.e. paint across the top of each nail, to ensure that the color stays on longer. If you paint outside the lines, dip a cotton swab in polish remover and swipe away any mistakes once the color has completely dried.
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5. Top Coat: Sealing your color with a top coat ensures the longevity of what you’ve just painted and adds an extra something. If you’re not into the traditional glossy finish, there are plenty of matte options, too.
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6. Detail Tools: If you’re a bit more skilled and want to add a cool design to your basic manicure, mani/pedi sticks are essential.
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Unlike the standard polish applicator, a sturdier and smaller point makes it easier to draw lines and shapes.
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If you’re looking for a quick makeup look to match your mani, watch our latest how-to below: 


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