These Holiday Scents Are Literally Winter In A Bottle
Courtesy of Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works is a top retailer for many fragranced beauty products including body lotion, body wash and body fragrance. It’s hard not to love the affordable price point and yummy scents. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. If you’re the kind of girl that changes your scent with the season and you’ve been searching for ones that ooze winter and the holiday season, look no further! These top fragrance families definitely fit the bill: Winterberry Wonder ($13)

Don’t limit winterberries to your annual dollop of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. These fragrance blends notes of cranberry, apple and winterberry with cinnamon flower and vanilla. If you’re into fruity scents, but don’t want to spritz your summertime citrus ones, this is a must try. Fresh Sparkling Snow ($13)

I know what you’re probably thinking: does snow have a scent? I didn’t think so either, until I took a whiff of this. It totally takes you back to cozy snowfall. With notes of pear, melon, musk and sandalwood, this has the perfect balance of winter scents. Frosted Snow Blossom ($14)

Think a crisp winter day in a garden of flowers…that’s what this floral scent smells like. If you don’t want to let go of your floral aroma, take a spritz of this. It’s snow jasmine, gardenia petals with a hint of winter musk. Snowflakes & Cashmere ($27)

Cashmere is so luxurious and so is this scent. I like to think this is for a more mature palette. Cashmere cream, vanilla, clementine and caramel woods make this fragrance super unique. Find your perfect match and grab it in a lotion, cream, fragrance or candle. All of these scents are available at  


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