These Crayon Cuties Are Next Level With Halloween Makeup

The Crayon Cuties will need Supa Cent to drop a crazy good deal this Black Friday because many of them will need to re-up their cases. This month they’ve transformed into Spooky Cuties, creating unique Halloween looks using only makeup, including different palettes and products from The Crayon Case.

Some of the looks are spooky but pretty, while others are downright dark. But they all kept it consistent with their eyelashes, making sure they were dramatic and beautiful. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween or participate in any of its festivities, you can’t deny that it’s a great time to see how creative people can get with a few liners, eyeshadows, powders, and on occasion, special FX blood.

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Check out a few of our favorite looks from the Spooky Cuties below, and check out The Crayon Case’s Instagram for more looks.

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