11 Shower Caddy Products You Need While Navigating A Community Dorm Bathroom

The college freshmen experience isn't without its challenges, including having to share a bathroom with dozens of other people. If your dorm isn't equipped with private restrooms, these clutch products will make your daily trips to the shower a little more tolerable. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 30, 2017

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Wash day isn't complete without a microfiber towel that won't pull and tug at your hair like a cotton towel. 

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Mind your feet while walking into a room that gets high and frequent traffic. These sandals are suitable for the shower, but sturdy enough to wear outside, too. 

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Everyone's hair routine is different, but if wash and go styles are your go-to, then this in shower formula is the perfect companion for your curl cream or gel. Rinse just a little out after using and watch your curls spiral into frizz-free greatness. 

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Who doesn't love an affordable, but effective body wash? This one smells like delicious peaches and blossoms if you're looking for a fragrance that'll last beyond your shower. 

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After you've jumped out the shower and moisturized your body, slip on these aloe vera-infused gloves while you brush your teeth. You can get a head start on softening dry hands as you sleep. 

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If you have to cover your hair on the way to the shower, keep it cute in one of these beautiful prints. 

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Like frosting for your prickly legs and underarms, this shaving formula removes hair and moisturizes the skin so it stays smooth after. 

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When you're exhausted and the thought of putting on lotion after your shower feels like a full day's work, you'll be happy to have this in-shower lotion that locks in moisture for 24 hours. 

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No matter your hair texture, a clean scalp is important; especially if hair growth is your goal. This one uses a healing dose of rosemary oil, menthol, salicylic acid and more to reduce irritation and for a healthier scalp. 

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Tried and true black soap has been used for centuries in Africa to treat eczema, acne and other skin ailments, so of course we swear by this bar when our skin feels extra icky. 

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Thanks to the moisture bars that border the blades, you don't even need shaving gel while using this comfortable shaver. 

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