8 Sleek and Sexy Products That'll Motivate You To Start A Beauty Routine


If you're ready to get serious about a day-to-day beauty regimen, nothing motivates more than a product with pretty packaging. Black is sleek and sexy, so we're coveting this shade as we populate our vanities. Embrace the mystery of the dark side with these luxurious finds.

Nykia Spradley Jan, 12, 2017
available at Nordstrom $295 Buy Here

Your happy hour cocktail is no match for this luxe fragrance, inspired by the icey effects of vodka on ice. With notes of cold spices and a woodsy base, we’re pretty sure you’ve never smelled anything like this. 

available at Macy's $15 Buy Here

Matte is still in, so we’re all over this affordable, bright lippie. And thanks to a mix of macadamia and avocado oil ingredients, it’s also the best color option for hydration. 

available at Starling Project $55 Buy Here

Money made from each purchase helps bring solar energy to communities around the world. You can learn more about The Starling Project, founded in 2015, here

available at Dermstore $225 Buy Here

This is state of the art skin care for anyone who is terrified of fine lines and wrinkles. The key ingredient, peptides, is essentially an all natural face lift for the skin. 

available at Saks Fifth Avenue $1115 Buy Here

Over 15 years of research went into creating this celebrity favorite, enriched with a Black Orchid technology that makes skin firmer and supple. 

available at Marks and Spencer $25 Buy Here

Nothing is worse than ashy, dry hands, so this luxurious hand and nail cream is a godsend. Use consistently over 30 days to even skin tone, get rid of dark spots and cure brittle nail beds. 

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Serums are a must have boost for your daily moisturizer, especially during the winter season. This pricey miracle worker includes a high concentration of vitamin C, the ultimate brightener for more radiant skin. 

available at Black Opal $9 Buy Here

The newest product on Black Opal’s lineup has a quick drying formula that prevents smudging as you draw on a full brow. 

This feature originally appeared in the February 2017 Issue of ESSENCE Magazine.