Black Beauty Blogger Challenges Non-Black YouTubers to try Black-Owned Beauty Products
Jackie Aina Via YouTube
Popular vlogger and LA-based freelance artist Jackie Aina, is hugely popular on YouTube and using her voice to bring light to all the black owned beauty brands. This challenge of creating makeup looks just using black owned brands was not started with her but her input is to challenge non-black vloggers to give this a try. Her video has over 233K views and counting and the response has been overwhelming. In the video, Aina shares, “I think it’s really impressive that someone would take the initiative to say: Hey, you guys [black-owned beauty brands] are often overshadowed and overlooked, so I’m going to use my voice to empower someone else that may not necessarily look like me,” and she adds, “If you can slather 100 different highlighters on your face, I don’t see how farfetched it is to ask someone who is not black to support black-owned beauty brands.” Other popular vloggers accepting this challenge are Alyssa Forever and Alissa Ashley who created these looks: What many non-black vloggers or women in general are not aware of is the number of black owned beauty brands that are available. They also do not realize that many of them cater to all colors and hues and are not just for women of color. This challenge is a great one to give light to brands that are not receiving recognition by popular vloggers and beauty gurus that deserve it. We hope this helps the brands and makes people more aware of their presence. Aina’s video can be seen here:  


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