10 Tiny Face Masks That TSA Won't Confiscate From Your Carry-On

These travel-sized companions won't hold up the security line and promise to leave you selfie-ready before the plane lands. 

Jennifer Ford Jun, 23, 2017

Flying is known to cause serious dehydration, so mid-flight masking is totally acceptable. To ensure that you reach your destination with a radiant glow, use any of these skin savers to replenish and revitalize dull dehydrated skin in just minutes.

And while your seatmate may think they’re a tad unsightly, your post-flight glow-up is bound to leave them wishing they did the same thing. 

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This oil-free face mask includes vitamin D and hyalunronic acid, both of which help to replenish the skin and fight off environmental toxins.

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Survive parched climates by treating your skin to this hydrating mask that inlcudes moisturzing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, raw honey, ginger root) for replenishing and energizing the skin.

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To keep shiny t-zones and breakouts at bay, prep your face with this mattifying hydrogel mask that absorbs acne-causing bacteria, without making your skin feel dry.

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This gel-cream sleeping mask comes in 11 different formulas to relax and refresh the skin while you get your beauty rest.

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Apply this gel rose mask to clean damp skin and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes to instantly restore radiance and suppleness.

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This mask works wonders for dry skin types. Deposits of avocado and apricot kernel oil create a moisture reservoir overnight to help prevent future dehydration.

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Use this nourishing overnight mask during your red eye flight to quench thirsty skin, and wake up with a soft dewy glow.

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This vitamin C-infused hydrogel mask will awaken tired looking skin, as well as reduce the appearance of dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tone.

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Clear congested skin and reveal a balanced complexion with this 3-in-1 treatment that functions as purifying mask, daily deep cleanser and spot treatment.

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Toward the end of your flight, prep for landing with this detoxifying mask that draws out dirt and impurities like a magnet using clarifying bamboo charcoal.

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