7 Invisible Deodorants That Won't Smear Onto Your Summer Fit

You can spend hours picking out the perfect outfit and ruin it in mere seconds by wearing a deodorant that leaves white streaks behind. And when you factor in the summer heat, the results are only more devastating. Avoid another deodorant disaster and some serious body odor by investing in these invisible formulas.

Nikki Brown Jun, 28, 2017

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Aluminum-free and award-winning, this essential oil-infused antiperspirant guards against odor, but also goes beyond the skin's surface to provide nourishment and hydration. 

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This cooling roll-on formula has a delicate fragrance and the ingredients that prevent deodorant/yellow stains from sticking to you black and white clothes. 

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The brand's 48 hour Motionsense technology releases a set of microcapsules to the skin whenever you apply. And with each move you make, the microcapsules break, releasing fragrance that directly combats body odor.  

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The brand's newest antiperspirant formula dries instantly, so you don't have to worry about wet residue sitting on top of your clothes for up to 48 hours. 

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If you're ready to transition into a all natural beauty routine, start with this vegan deodorant stick. It's made with a potent mix of plant oils and mineral powders that leave you feeling fresh without the worry of harmful ingredients. 

available at Meow Meow Tweet $20 Buy Here

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This deodorant may classify as a "green" beauty product, but the stripped-down formula is still strong enough to withstand the hottest temps, all while keep odor and stains at bay. And if you're looking to move away from harmful ingredients, this one is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, petrolatum and sodium laureth sulfate.

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This drugstore fave is alcohol-free and goes on as a cooling gel that dries in minutes, creating a coat of protection against body odor and of course--yellow stains. 

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