5 Beauty Products That’ll Make You Want To Check Your Luggage
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These days, checking luggage on a flight is so expensive that it’s not even a consideration for most people. And even once you’ve checked a bag, there are restrictions on weight that can bump the cost up quickly. As a result, we have become a carry-on nation.

But if you’re a beauty lover then you have your routines, and nothing throws off your regimen like being in a foreign place and not having your preferred products. If you have sensitive skin or unique skin care needs, the stakes are even higher. Add the stress of flying (and family) during the holidays, and you’ve got a cocktail for discomfort.

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I’d prefer to spend that checked-bag cash on bottles of bubbly myself, but my skin and hair don’t agree. And I’ve realized over time that if I give them what they need, they give me what I want.

These five beauty products have been so good to me that I’m willing to pay to have them when I need them most—when I’m away from the comforts of my home.


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