7 Beauty Products You Should Keep In Your Refrigerator, Seriously

I’ve picked up countless beauty tips from my mother, but none are weirder than her insistence that I refrigerate half of my stash. It’s assumed that the kitchen is strictly for food items, but au contraire, it’s also a safe haven for a lot of the products you wear everyday. Here are seven items you should chill before applying. 

Nikki Brown Sep, 08, 2016

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For the ultimate cooling effect, store your face masks in the fridge about 20 minutes before use. Fun Fun fact: each mask from Dermovia’s Lace Your Face line is reusable! $15, nordstrom.com

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If you covet organic products that are actually free of preservatives, keeping them in a refrigerator ensures that they won’t quickly expire. $22, juicebeauty.com

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After a couple uses, store your nail lacquer in the fridge to ensure that the paint doesn’t thicken or alter in color under sunlight. $15, sephora.com

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Once you’ve gotten optimal use out of your lipstick, it can start to melt. Store your everyday shade in the fridge to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. $21, sephora.com

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Try placing your eyeliner inside the refrigerator about 20 minutes before use. That way, the tip is more solid for precise application. This is especially helpful with gel liners and retractable. $26, sephora.com

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Over time, heat and humidity will break down the scents inside your perfume bottle. Elongate those notes by keeping your favorite bottle inside the fridge. $65

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Cold temperatures are clinically proven to reduce puffiness. By storing your eye creams or gels in the refrigerator, you can almost guarantee that it will be immediately effective. $24, sephora.com