Beauty Products More Invisible Than The Guy Who Ghosted You

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Ghosting is millennial equivalent of the Post-it note breakup.

Erin Lukas May, 17, 2017

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

Ghosting is millennial equivalent of the Post-it note breakup. The relationship exit strategy of breaking it off after a string of dates by fading communication until it eventually stops or just abruptly ending it with no closure, is just as common as Instagramming your avocado toast on a brunch date.

In the age of the alt-control-delete rejection, everyone has their “worst time I was ghosted” stories where their texts and phone calls have gone unanswered.

But, a ghost story more chilling than your friend’s winning tale from last weekend: Realizing mid-date with your rebound Tinder match that your black dress has deodorant marks all over it. The horror!

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For anyone who’s stressed themselves out after being ghosted by replaying dates scene-by-scene and analyzing text message threads, find solstice that in beauty, vanishing in thin air is sometimes just what you’re looking for in self-care products.

Here, we have a set of beauty products that you actually want to be more invisible than the last guy who ghosted you.

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A few spritzes of Milk's Blur Spray renders pores invisible and helps makeup hold up long after you realize your relationship is going nowhere. It's infused with lychee, goji berry extracts, and microspheres that work simutaneously to minimize pores and fine lines while creating a smooth finish.

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Unlike your date that won't text you back but haunts your social media feeds by throwing out likes and story views, this dry shampoo goes on without leaving any white powdery residue behind.

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This quick-absorbing dry hair oil is the quivalent of the cool, calm state you were in before he stopped replying to your texts. It smooths frizz, flyaways, boosts shine, and protects strands from UV rays.

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Your friends will tell you to forget him by deleting his number and unfollowing his social media accounts. While we're not advocates of forgetting to apply sunscreen, we're all for wearing a formula that isn't greasy or wears thick under your makeup. Glossier's new suncreen is a clear serum that dries quick, won't clog pores, or get in the way of your makeup.

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Laura Mercier's setting powder might set makeup so it stays in place, but it goes on crystal clear like the message your date is trying to send you by ignoring your calls, texts, and DMs.

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With "ghost" in its name, you know this hair oil is going to go on unseen. Verb's blend of moringa seed oil, bamboo extract, vitamin F, and soy protein tames and hydrates strands without leaving them slick.

available at Sephora $36 VERB GHOST OIL

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You know you shouldn't sweat it over this guy, but that doesn't stop the instant replay happening in your head as you try to figure out why he stopped responding to your texts. In the meantime, Dove's spray-on antiperspirant will keep you dry and won't leave marks on your dark clothes.


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