This week it’s been more evident than ever that we need to do more when it comes to taking care of our planet. We talk about things that we can do every day to make our beauty routines more clean, but we still often wonder if we’re doing enough. If you asked environmentalists following the burning of the Amazon they’d probably say we’re not. If you asked Greta Thunberg we’re sure she’d say we’re not. 

Thankfully, more brands are putting forth the effort when it comes to sourcing their ingredients and making their packaging more eco-friendly. This week Origins is taking it a step (or 72,000) further while making it easy for us to participate. 

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Yesterday the brand introduced the ambassadors for its #ORIGINS72HRCHALLENGE, where it invites consumers to help give back by submitting their workout minutes to Origins. From September 26 to the 28th, for every minute of movement submitted (for up to 60 minutes per person, per day) Origins will plant a tree in partnership with American Forests Global ReLeaf. Since 2009 they’ve been in partnership with the organization for their Green The Planet initiative. The goal this week is to donate up to 72,000 trees in 72 hours.

“The responsibility to give back and protect our planet is a fundamental tenet of the Origins brand,” said Julie Van Ongevalle, Origins Global Brand President. “We’re proud to have fierce women at the forefront of a truly meaningful campaign, echoing our commitment to the wellness of people and planet.”

The challenge is part of a celebration and relaunch of the brand’s top selling moisturizer, GINZING Oil-Free Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer, which is now infused with their trademarked Hydra-Hug Technology, formulated to deliver continuous hydration for up to 72 hours.

With ambassadors that include model Lauren Wasser, beauty influencer and TV personality Julissa Bermudez, and Peleton instructor and Brooklyn Nets host Ally Love, the challenge kicks off in Herald Square Park in New York City on Thursday.

“I always noticed that Origins would send effective packaging. They weren’t wasteful, they had great products, and I just became a lover of the brand,” Julissa told ESSENCE. “I love that Origins is mindful of the environment. It’s about figuring out the little things you can do on a daily basis and influencers can share one or two things that they do that is organic to them that will save a little bit of water, or a tree or something. We don’t want this to be a trend, we want it to be a lifestyle.”

For Love, living a life with purpose is always the goal. So sustainability and how we care for the planet is just as much a lifestyle for her as fitness. A partnership with Origins was organic as she was also already a fan of the brand, and admires their strides in caring for the planet.

“We all share the same space no matter what we do and why. But the only way to do it is in a world with clean air, an eco-system that works, and marine life that isn’t suffering from plastic,” said Love. “I love the fact that Origins is relaunching a product that’s already doing well, so it’s not about sales, but about using that platform to amplify that we need to give back. That’s encouraging and aligned with what I’m doing.”

“My post-it for this week is ‘Climate change is real, Instagram is not.’ You’ve got to get woke folks. Climate change is important.”

So this week, when you ruminate over whether to hit that spin class or go to happy hour, choose the former. That 45 minutes of leg torture and sweat just might save the planet for your posterity.

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