MAC Cosmetics Partners With Teyana Taylor To Launch ’90s Inspired Collection
Photo: Courtesy of MAC Comsetics

It’s time to save your coins because M·A·C is launching another iconic makeup collection, and this time it’s in collaboration with singer, choreographer and director Teyana Taylor.

Today, M·A·C shared the news in an Instagram post, accompanied by a stunning visual of the 29-year-old that evoked classic ’90s glamour.

Appearing in a geometric high-top fade, and clean skin punctuated with bold brows and glossy lips, Taylor resembles a ’90s dream. And rightfully so. The collection was inspired by the singer’s love for the decade, and the heart and soul of Harlem, where she’s from.

Like many of us, Taylor has been a fan of the household cosmetics company since she began experimenting with makeup and she say’s she is excited for the partnership.

“I’m very excited to be partnering with a company like M·A·C who I’ve watched collaborate with strong women of color over the years. I’ve been a fan of M·A·C since I was 15,” said Taylor, who noted that it was the first brand that really piqued her affection for makeup.

“I’m so grateful and excited to be sharing this beautiful collection I created with the M·A·C team but also hoping to inspire other young women that anything and everything is possible,” she continued.

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There’s no word on the release date for the M·A·C x Teyana Taylor collection yet, but we do know it’s coming soon. The news about Taylor’s M·A·C collection comes on the heels of her announcement that she’s pregnant with her second child.


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