The Makeup Show, the largest pro-only beauty expo in the United States, has just announced that Danessa Myricks has joined their team as their event consultant. Over the next year she will bring her expertise and skills to the event to transform its educational programming and create new experiences.

“Makeup artists today are now product developers, consultants, brand ambassadors, brand owners, creative directors, and so much more,” says Myricks. “As an artist, brand owner, global educator and entrepreneur for over 20 years who has worked in so many areas of beauty from indie to prestige, I have a very clear perspective on what skill sets are needed in order to have success in these areas. My goal is to bring this expertise and insight into the development of the show program while streaming it though a global lens.”  

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If you’re not an industry insider then you might know Myricks’ work without knowing that she was behind it. She’s well known for her product innovation with brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Kiss. And in 2017 she launched her eponymous makeup brand Danessa Myricks Beauty, which quickly became a cult favorite. It was used in several shows this past New York Fashion Week, including S by Serena, Garo Sparo, and Kittenish by Jesse James Decker.

In 2004, before YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials were a thing, Myricks launched an educational makeup focused DVD series that included several topics from the makeup basics to how to get your brows right. It sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. And since 2007 when she started with the event, she’s been running sold out workshops at The Makeup Show. In the past five years she’s been traveling the world spreading her expertise and learning from the international makeup community.

“We understand that in the age of social media the role and the reach of the makeup artist is ever-changing and the opportunities for artists to elevate and further monetize their careers are becoming more and more expansive. With this in mind we have developed a series of new non-traditional educational formats to meet the needs of the ‘new artists’ and to make sure they are prepped and prepared to take full advantage of this billion dollar industry,” she said of the new programming in the works for The Makeup Show under her consultation.

Myricks is the example of what it looks like when beauty has no boundaries. And it hasn’t been lost on her that she has an incredible opportunity to change the industry as a Black woman in this role.

“It is no secret that there is a clear lack of representation in the beauty industry. The underrepresentation is not just reflected in shade selection, it reaches far deeper into every aspect of decision making throughout every area of the business,” she says. “This role will undoubtedly enable me to elevate my voice which speaks and champions for the under-represented and it will allow me to give and contribute to the conversation on a higher level to help move the needle on the change we would all like to see.” 

“My hope is that my presence in this role and in the industry helps paint the picture of possibility for people who look like me. It is not just an honor and pleasure, it is my duty.”

The Makeup Show will be in Chicago October 5th and 6th for its final 2019 event. The show is for professionals in beauty, as well as aspiring artists working or studying in the beauty, hair, photography or fashion industries.