Bevel Launches New Line Of Self-Care Products For Black Men
Courtesy of Bevel

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and ahead of schedule to get us thinking about Father’s Day, birthdays, and other days to celebrate our guys, Bevel has launched a new suite of men’s self-care products.

The Walker & Company brand widely known for its shaving products made with the grooming needs of Black men in mind, has made a foray into body care with Bevel Body, and has expanded Bevel Skin and Bevel Hair. The collection includes nine new products—moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, beard softener, beard oil, face serum, exfoliating body wash, exfoliating bar soap, body lotion, and aluminum-free deodorant.

Founded in 2013 by Tristan Walker, the company began with a focus on shaving with precise cuts, trims, and lineups without the skin irritation that many Black men often suffer from. So the brand’s products were specifically designed and tailored for textured hair and men with melanin-rich skin. With this expansion of the brand, Bevel is poised to disrupt the self-care market, making it inclusive of the needs of men of color.

“I wanted to create more for us because Black men deserve it,” Walker told ESSENCE. “I never saw myself in other products while shopping in the aisles of my favorite stores. All of the brands being sold to us were either outdated or had formulations that didn’t answer any of my specific needs. Our new body, hair and skin care products are made to address the unique needs of Black men.”

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The products are dermatologist-tested, and are formulated to help solve issues such as clogged pores, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. The aluminum-free deodorant has a pleasant sweet and spicy smells and was made to penetrate coarse hair to last all day. The only thing sexier than an ash-free man that smells incredible is one that got that way without dipping into your personal care products. And one that washes dishes and folds laundry but one wish at a time, right.

With prices starting at $6, you can help your man #BevelUp this Valentine’s Day and still have plenty of coins left over to treat yourself too. The new Bevel suite of products is available at, and Target Stores this month, CVS, and Sally Beauty.

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