How To *Not* Be A Sweaty Mess On Your Wedding Day
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

Summer may be wedding season but it’s also the time of the year when temperatures and humidity are at the highest. And we don’t have to tell you what that does to your skin and hair—breakouts and frizzy strands become an annoying daily occurrence.

So if you’re getting hitched in the next couple of months you’re probably already stressing out about how on Earth are you supposed to stay cool and well put together for 12 straight hours without having your makeup melt on your white dress or having to take a break for a quick shower.

That’s why we reached out to several wedding beauty and makeup specialists and asked them for their best tips on how to look your best throughout your entire wedding even if it’s scorching hot outside.

“Hire a makeup artist that will do traditional makeup, rather than airbrush makeup,” says Samantha Salk of Mobile Bridal Salon. “I love using Christian Dior’s Air Flash Foundation or Armani’s Powder Fabric Foundation and setting it with Laura Mercier translucent powder. This ensures a long lasting wear through any summer ceremony.”

Salk also suggests having a few blotting sheets in your clutch at all times.

“We give each of our brides blotting sheets to take with them before they walk down the isle. This should eliminate all shine and prevent the need for powder touchups. You shouldn’t need to add any more makeup, just blot away the shine,” she adds.

When it comes to your hair, opt for anti humidity spray to prevent unwanted flyaways and stray hairs. Ashley Stone, founder of Beauty Entourage, suggests using it on each section before curling to infuse moisture into your strands in advance.

“Little known fact, if your hair is dry, the moisture in the air latches on to your hair expanding your cuticle and creates frizz. Using moisturizing products or anti humidity spray will help eliminate this issue! KMS Anti Humidity Spray is a favorite,” she says.

Dry shampoo will also add a little grit to your mane to keep your curls from falling flat. Powder-based dry shampoos are the best, according to Stone.