16 Beauty Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

From hair removal to skin cleansing and wrinkle prevention, there are lots of beauty tools currently on the market that promise to do it all. Luckily, I did the heavy lifting (and applying) for you to find the best. Read on to find our top beauty gadget picks!  

Andrea Arterbery Jun, 01, 2016

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This tool is definitely the best, easiest way for anyone to pull off a flawless foundation look. It works by pulsating 15,000 times per minute when applied to the face leaving behind a smooth, long-wear finish. It’s super easy to use and can be used on both liquid and powder foundations. The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to worry about foundation touch-ups throughout the day after using during your morning makeup application session.


$68, net-a-porter.com.

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Washing your makeup brushes on a regular basis is something that must be done in order to prevent breakouts and increase the longevity of your makeup brushes. Yes, the manual version of washing the brushes in soap and water always work, but trust us when we say that using the Beauty Pearl is much more fun and really easy to use. This tool utilizes ultrasonic technology (along with water and the special BrushPearl Cleanser) to quickly and effectively remove dirt, grime and bacteria from all of your makeup brushes.

$99, brushpearl.com

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Give yourself spa-quality facials at-home with this relaxing steamer. Use it before washing the face to remove stubborn makeup or daily before makeup application for softer, smoother skin. I like to use it weekly before applying one of my favorite sheet masks for a refreshing skincare treatment.


$179.99, panasonic.com

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This oscillating brush is one of the easiest, lightweight ways to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Each of the speed settings (delicate and power cleanse) works to remove all impurities from the skin, including makeup and sunscreen. The super soft brush head glides smoothly across the skin leaving it clean, smooth and radiant after just one use. After just one week of use (both in the morning and night), I noticed that my skin was smoother without a breakout in site. 

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If dark circles, bags and crow’s feet around your eye area are a problem for you, then this little tool is the perfect answer. This eye massager works by using Alternating T-Sonic technology to improve the absorption and efficacy of your favorite eye cream or serum. Not only is it very relaxing, but it also leaves the eye area looking refreshed and luminous after just one use.

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While there’s no real cure for cellulite, there are ways that you can visibly reduce its appearance and this machine is a top-notch way to do so. It can also be used on the stomach, legs and butt area to smooth and tone the skin. This machine works like a vacuum massage, and I have found it to be extremely effective in firming up my skin as used in conjunction with my get-summer-ready diet and workout regimen.

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If hair loss or thinning hair has always is an issue for you, try this laser device that promises to energize and revitalize hair follicles in order to regrow hair. It’s in the shape of a headband and you put on the head for about 90 seconds at least three times per week for a pain-free treatment that can be done anywhere. 

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Besides the fact that this titanium floating plated flat iron heats up quickly and works fast to straighten strands, it’s greatest detail lies in the detachable combs. Leave them in to take your hair from curly to straight without any snagging/pulling or take them out to add in flips or curls. Great for both relaxed and natural hair, this flat iron heats up to 450 degrees and easily cuts your styling time in half. 

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This two-speed cleansing tool features a silicone head that releases micro-pulsations in order to deep-clean pores. There’s no need to switch out brush heads and it can be used on both the face and neck area. Perfect for in-shower use, I found it to be very comfortable on the skin and effective at removing stubborn makeup.

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Enlarged pores have always been a skincare issue for me and this tool has pretty much cleared all of that after just a few uses. In addition, I also found it to be great for clearing the skin of blackheads, whiteheads as well as other grimy build-up. It is also a great to use in order to further enhance the absorption of serums and other skincare treatments into the skin. I noticed a glowing, smooth, even skin tone after about a week of consecutive use. 

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Tired of shaving? Give the razors a rest and go with this at-home permanent hair removal device. Clinically proven for all skin tones, just glide over the area that you want to be hair-free (on either face or body) at least once a week for seven treatments over a period of six weeks. 

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Unlike most over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, the magic of this system lies in its sonic toothbrush, which contains a blue light to help speed up penetration and stain removal. After just two uses of this system along with my regular toothpaste, I noticed whiter, brighter selfie-perfect teeth. 

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This medieval looking tool might seem super scary looking at first glance (I mean, who wants to rub needles up and down their face?) but trust me when I say that it feels amazing. The stainless steel needles are really small (.2mm to be exact) and work to plump and firm the skin in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also great to help fight hyperpigmentation and acne scars! After applying a skin serum, roll this over your face, chin, forehead, lips and neck 3-5 times per week before applying your moisturizer. After just one week of use, I noticed that my skin was softer, smoother and more radiant. 

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The phrase “gentle vacuum stimulation” might sound scary, but that’s exactly what this tool delivers in the gentlest way possible. It works to remove dead skin cells, improve skin tone, and reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. After just one use, I experienced, soft, smooth skin. It comes with three different tips (fine, precision, and coarse) so you can personalize your skincare experience. 

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Just as exercise is great to tone and sculpt the body, this device works wonders to do the same for your face. Utilizing micro current technology, the NuFace helps to get rid of sagging skin and reduces fines lines and wrinkles. While I can’t really complain about sagging skin or wrinkles just yet, I did notice that my skin felt much firmer after just one week of using it about 5 minutes per day. There was no stinging or discomfort and, in fact, it felt very relaxing.  This at-home device also works with other attachments that are sold separately such as the Wrinkle Reducer Attachment (for red LED light therapy) and ELE Attachment (for reducing crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes and lips area). 

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This hand-held device not only works to fight acne but also to diminish the signs of wrinkles thanks to its Red and Blue LED Lights. The Red LED Light enhances the skin’s ability to generate new collagen and reduces wrinkles while the Blue LED Light destroys acne-causing bacteria. It is pain-free and I used this on a pesky chin breakout that completely disappeared after just two consecutive uses!


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