Beauty Boss Talk: Dana Pointer of the Natural Hair Brand ‘Made Beautiful’
Fabian Matthews, Spotlight Productions

Oftentimes, the best ideas grow out of unpleasant circumstances. Such is the case with Made Beautiful, an all natural hair brand founded by Dana Pointer (and in our July box!). Growing up with three sisters, conversations about “good hair versus bad hair” were always on the agenda and subsequently, affected decisions regarding her own daughter later in life.

“I  struggled many years over whether or not I made the right decision to give my daughter a relaxer at age 6,” the business owner shares with us.  “As my daughter matured, like her mother, she began to embrace the hair she was born with and decided to go natural.”

As we all know, the transition to natural hair is challenging to say the least. The journey is paved with experimentation, frustration and plenty of half or barely used products. Dana decided to take matters into her own hands after meeting countless dead ends.

Made Beautiful is grounded by the philosophy that natural beauty evolves from the inside out. With a texture key on labels to help customers identify their individual needs and all natural ingredients, it’s clear that this brand is all about empowerment and education.

“Natural ingredients are in demand…Our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and made with natural ingredients,” adds Dana. “We are committed to helping our customers embrace their beauty and love their hair, body…themselves.”

If you’re a brown beauty looking to tackle entrepreneurship, keep reading for Dana’s quick and easy tips. 

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your first job? 
I will never forget my first job. I worked for a retailer that sold trendy clothing. Every day was fun because all of my friends and the “cool kids” from the area shopped there. It was easy for me to achieve my sales goals and I had fun along the way.
The biggest lesson learned from this job was that saving money is both important and takes a lot of discipline. No matter how hard I tried, I would end up spending half of my paycheck on clothing from my job and the other half on gas money and food. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t a business owner? 
I would be a high school teacher. I feel that I have a lot to offer youth, especially young girls. My passion for helping shape young girls’ self-esteem, integrity, and confidence would be my driving force.  I envision the teaching and mentorship aspects of fostering self-worth and seeing students blossom into successful professionals.

Is there any common entrepreneur advice you disagree with? 
One common piece of advice given to entrepreneurs is to “trust your gut” when faced with making a decision. I disagree with this advice because although our gut seems to tell us to “just do it” or “go for it,” we must also take a step back and analyze the data to assist in the decision making process.

What are your motivation hacks? 
Every day I read an inspirational quote; it helps to provide a fresh perspective. It is also important to carve out time for meditation to help gain clarity and peace of mind. 

What are your tips for black women looking to feel empowered through their shopping habits?
Black spending power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020. This statistic alone is empowering. Black culture resonates across generations and demographics. Black women should feel empowered that their purchase decisions ultimately influence mainstream trends. 

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?
The best business advice I have ever received is to not regret risks that may not have delivered the reward as expected. Embrace the lessons learned and look forward to the future. 

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