The Dominatrix Ponytails At Maki Oh Are Awards Season Ready
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When you get word that Ursula Stephen is going to lend her adept hands to a fashion show, you want to be there to catch every moment. On Monday she did exactly that at the Maki Oh runway show staged near Union Square. Equipped with her team and a slew of TRESemmé hero products, specifically the TRES Two Extra Hold Gel and TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hold Level 4: Extend Hair Spray, she worked her magic to ensure that the designer’s vision was realized.

“It’s all about taking a simple look to new heights. This is a modern take on a dominatrix-esque theme with the addition of the face framing finger waves,” said Stephen.

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The looks included natural blowouts, looks with fabric bow headbands, throwback finger waves that paid homage to the ’90s, and wigs that were actually tied to the designer’s Nigerian background. Dominatrix ponytails included pieces of the fabric from the actual designs to connect with the clothes.

“Everybody’s not going to have the same look. Maki’s a woman, and women just know,” Stephen continued. “The girls with long hair got a dominatrix whiplash braid. We have a section of girls who have beautiful natural hair and we’re not going to press them out, we’re going to embrace their natural curls. The finger wave is like an ode to Missy Elliot. And the crazy fun wigs are like an ode to Nollywood. We’re having fun and I’m excited. I think we nailed it.”

And nailed it they did. With makeup that complemented the hair, led by makeup artist Rena Takeda and Shiseido, the show was a true display of Maki Oh’s unique brand of fashion and beauty. Some models also gave a peek of gold grillz to ante up the edge of their beauty looks.And we’re here for it.

We expect to see more fabric-tied dominatrix ponies for red carpet awards season, paired with lip liner that pops on high shine nude lips.


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