Are you ready to feel beautiful from the top of your head to the tip of your toes? We are going to break down every beauty beat, so you can create new routines that will help to flourish now and into the future.

We are starting with your hair, then moving on your face and body for a complete beauty analysis. Check out our tips and product picks from Nordstrom to elevate your beautiful self!

HAIR. Your strands are as unique to you as your fingerprints, so you want your hair to always look its best. Start from the inside out by adding a supplement to your daily diet. The yummy Hair Sweet Hair gummies by Hum Nutrition are loaded with vitamin B12 to help promote hair growth and health in a delicious berry-flavored sweet. Then, indulge in a new beauty treatment, like Dominican Forbidden Hair Mask by Bomba Curls—it stays on for only 20 minutes to help restore curl elasticity, moisture and shine.

FACE. See a more radiant you each day with an age-defying vitamin C treatment. Try the Universal C Skin Refiner Serum by BeautyStat, it can help leave skin brighter, firmer and more even-looking. Then, add on a tinted facial oil, like this one from the natural beauty company, Kosas. Free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and chemicals as well as common allergens like eggs, nuts and soy, this oil is a featherweight, medium-coverage, satin-finish foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir in one.

BODY. Your skin is your greatest accessory, so don’t let it dry out during cold winter months. During the day, keep it soft, smooth and moisturized with a nourishing lotion in a luxe, indulgent scent like Ghanaian Coconut + Moroccan Almond Butter by 54 Thrones. Then, add a little more oomph at night with a hydrating, multi-vitamin cream like The Body Lotion by Nécessaire. It absorbs quickly and helps improve both immediate and long-term skin health. CTA: Start shopping these beauty finds now to help you feel and look fabulous now at Nordstrom.