11 Back-To-School Products You'll Need To Ace Beauty 101

Back-to-school season has arrived and we’ve got everything you need to ace Beauty 101. From brow pens and eyeliner pencils to luxe lip crayons, these products will earn you high marks both in and out of the classroom. Why waste time studying complicated makeup tutorials when you stay ahead of the curve with these easy to use essentials?

Jennifer Ford Aug, 30, 2016

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Don’t waste precious time fumbling around with that terrifying eyelash curler and gunky mascara. Pop on a pair of falsies and secure them with this waterproof glue (as easy to use as a glue stick, we promise). $11, sephora.com.

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Late to recess? This pigment-packed product foundation stick delivers flawless medium to full coverage in matter of seconds. $25, sephora.com.

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Trustier than your No. 2, this kohl pencil can be used to create both subtle and dramatic eye looks. $17, nordstrom.com.

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Here’s one pen that isn’t for borrowing. Use it to fill in sparse hairs and get fuller-looking brows. $21, sephora.com.

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This highlighter is all you’ll need to achieve a noteworthy complexion. Use it alone or with makeup for instantly luminous skin. $30, sephora.com.

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Color inside the lines with these super-versatile, chunky lip crayons. You can also use them to add a subtle wash of color to the cheeks. $17, sephora.com.

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Crayola has nothing on this concealer crayon. Use the easy-to-blend concealer to cover up blemishes and imperfections in a flash. $8, drugstore.com.

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This pencil case staple is now a fixture of your makeup bag. Use it to keep your lip liners, eyeliners and brow pencils on point. Literally. $6, sephora.com.

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Nobody will know you pulled an all-nighter with this brightening beauty balm. Use it to erase the appearance of dull, tired eyes. $42, sephora.com.

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Trim excess hair and keep your brows in shape with these steel scissors. $22, sephora.com.

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These papers get an A+ for keeping oil at bay. Perfect for removing shine and touching up your makeup. $10, sephora.com.