7 Aretha Franklin Beauty Looks That Left Us Speechless

From fabulous lashes to crisp eyeliner, the Queen of Soul’s beauty looks were as iconic as her magical voice.
Jessica Wilkins Aug, 17, 2018

The Queen of Soul has many fans, including us, and we’re in our feelings.

Aretha Franklin was the first woman ever to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, won 18 Grammy Awards, earned a Presidential Medal of Honor and performed for three U.S. presidents. She had a résumé that few could rival, but can we also just take a second to highlight her iconic looks?

Franklin was never without lashes, a bomb brow and/or eyeliner sharp enough to cut steel. She experimented with a number of hairstyles, but always kept her beauty regimen clean and simple. Much like her classic voice, her look was flawless. And the beauty staples she used to achieve it are still popular today.

As we continue celebrating her life, scroll through for a look back at some of our favorite Aretha Franklin beauty moments.

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Albums were the sixties version of Instagram. Here Franklin gives us lovely brows as she checks out the cover of hers.

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With these lashes, the Queen of Soul brings the drama at the American Music Awards in 1983.

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With full hair, killer brows, gorgeous liner and lush lashes, the icon commands attention at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Benefit in New York City in 1968.

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These statement-making lashes are fit for a queen.

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With sharp brows and liner, Franklin makes her way to a show taping in L.A.

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With Franklin’s hair pulled up into a high bun, her lashes steal the show.

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Franklin’s Aretha album cover is everything.