Ami Vega Has Some Of the Most Socially Conscious Nail Art This Summer
@amivnails via Instagram

This has been a racially-charged year. How one challenges the status quo is an individual choice and many opt for artistic expression.  Artistic expression can personified most visually on the body and while black pride tees are big, nail art is just as big and just as communicative.

One of the best socially conscious nail artists is Ami Vega, a freelance manicurist from NYC and her nail art is astounding. Having her first brush with nail art back in middle school, the talented Dominican American is the co-founder of the NYC-based traveling nail art service.

Her artwork is colorful, vibrant and speaks to the very nature of the ills going on in the country today.

From the black power movement, to womanhood to the cultures of many who simply come here to live and be treated equally; her message and passion is felt through her magnificent nail art.

A powerful socially conscious movement through one’s personal body is more popular than ever. Vega has a huge following and clientele that keeps her busy and she’s the manicurist everyone wants. She even has a book, Designer Nails: Create Art at Your Fingertips, on how to create your very own designer nails so these amazing creations can be achieved easily since getting to NYC is not ideal for everyone.

If you want to express your feelings on the climate of our flawed system, Vega has some nail art that is worth checking out and emulating. We love her work and her message.

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