6 Global Glamazons Dish on how Their Locales Inspire Their Uber-chic Aesthetic

From London to South Africa these gorgeous beauty blogger babes tell us their best beauty secrets and the people who give them beauty inspiration!

Nykia Spradley Jul, 14, 2016

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From London to South African these gorgeous beauty blogger babes tell us their best beauty secrets and the gals who give them beauty inspiration on Instagram!

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HOMETOWN:Johannesburg, South Africa

BEAUTY MANTRA: Beauty should always be effortless. Never try too hard.

LOCALE & STYLE: I'm always traveling and I always draw inspiration from where I am at the moment. If I'm at home in Mafikeng, I dress down because I'm with family. If I'm in Joburg, I'm chic because it's a fashion mecca.

BEAUTY CRUSHES: @tokemakinwa and @nomzamo_m.

DESERT ISLAND PICK: Every week my mother mixes aloe and honey for me to use to cleanse and heal my skin. I use it on my whole body.

VACAY ESSENTIALS: Revlon ColorStay foundation and concealer and a big hat.

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HOMETOWN: Puerto Rico

BEAUTY MANTRA: Keep it simple.

LOCALE & STYLE: Before I moved to L.A., I loved being in the sun and at the beach 24/7, and my style reflects that. I wear bright clothing and nails, but I keep my makeup simple.

INSPIRATION: I love scrolling through my Tumblr feed searching for street style inspo. I get great ideas on how to revamp my outfits, or sometimes I'll cut up old clothes I haven't worn in ages and use the fabric to make something new.

DESERT ISLAND PICK: Conditioner. My grandmother had these hair conditioners that she would bring back from the Dominican Republic. They were amazing—very rich and creamy. Whenever I used them, my curls would spring to life. Lip balm is a close second. VACAY ESSENTIALS: Conditioner, Pixi Glow Tonic (left) and lotion.

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BEAUTY MANTRA: Never allow others to define your beauty.

LOCALE & STYLE: The various cultures and ethnicities in Toronto definitely influence my beauty. Our city is filled with a lot of art alongside fashion. It motivates you to always be on your A-game—you never know who's watching.

BEAUTY CRUSHES: @makeupd0ll, @jamieandniks and @brittanie_evans.

DESERT ISLAND PICK: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade—the brow products last all day.

VACAY ESSENTIALS: A flat iron, foundation, concealer, Dipbrow, a bronzer or highlighter and a lip gloss.

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HOMETOWN: Paris, France

BEAUTY MANTRA: Clean and simple.

LOCALE & STYLE: Paris is multicultural. You always see people expressing themselves with fashion in many different ways. I also have roots in Africa—Congo (Kinshasa)—where I go every year, so of course, the way I dress is also influenced by the vibrant colors and the creativity of the people I see when I am there.

BEAUTY CRUSHES: @Badgalriri and @amandlastenberg.

DESERT ISLAND PICK: MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. I was recently in New York City, so I stocked up on MAC products, which are more expensive in Paris.

VACAY ESSENTIALS: A good lipstick, mascara and the proper sunblock.

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HOMETOWN: London, England

BEAUTY MANTRA: Discover your own idea of beautiful and run with it.

LOCALE & STYLE: London is a gorgeous and eclectic place; there is so much individual style, so I'm easily inspired everywhere I look.

BEAUTY CRUSHES: So many amazing women are online. It's hard to choose!

DESERT ISLAND PICK: My Rimmel London eyebrow pencil. If my eyebrows are in check, I'm good to go.

VACAY ESSENTIALS: My camera, something inspirational to read and denim shorts.

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BEAUTY MANTRA: Natural or clinical—nothing in-between.

LOCALE & STYLE: London is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures; the kids on the street rock the best beauty hacks. I got into nails through hip-hop culture. I always wanted to be a fly girl.

INSPIRATION: Vintage style: a bygone era of sexiness; plus art, fashion and street culture.

DESERT ISLAND PICK: Pure coconut oil from my grandma's neighbor's farm in Jamaica. All my beauty products could be made on a desert island: I could burn twigs and use the ash for an eyebrow pencil. Okay, maybe I would take a razor.

VACAY ESSENTIALS: Bioderma cleansing wipes, sandalwood essential oil, a glittery eye pencil and, of course, coconut oil.


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