Makeup has always been an outlet for self-expression and these days beauty enthusiasts are taking their looks to the next level. Aside from serving beat brows and the perfect contour, folks are beginning to explore the more artistic side of makeup.

Makeup artist Sesemeslayy has been making waves on Instagram with her ’90s-inspired cartoon makeup. Recreating the characters from shows like The Proud Family, Care Bears and more, she’s been tapping into the fun and nostalgic side of makeup.

Check out her look inspired by The Proud Family. It’s not hard to see why the images quickly went viral on social media. 

She also paid homage to Hey Arnold with this look. 

And even took it back to a Nintendo classic with this Mario Bros. look. 

And she isn’t the only makeup artist using her face as a palette to recreate unique looks. Take a peek at some of the dope makeup artists who have used their canvas to create some fun and unique looks of their own.

This Scar from Lion King look had us shook.

This starry and majestic look is amazing.

And this look takes us to another galaxy. 

This look gives us a whole lot of “Black Girl Magic.”

This CatDog recreation took some serious skills. 

Is there any kind of art of television show you’d love to recreate through makeup?