Social media posts can be taken down, but screenshots are forever. When photos of Cardi B’s, ahem, personal area, went viral after a leg raising display of public affection with hubby Offset on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, she clapped back on Instagram. To keep it simple, the rapper, who racked up 6 wins at last night’s awards, told fans and haters alike to stop being thirsty.

But for us the takeaway here was make sure your nether regional real estate is always quenched. You never know when you’ll be the focus of southern exposure. Whether you want to cover it up or let your vagina be free, maintaining its health in every way is essential. So in the spirit of hailing to Cardi’s V — and all others that wish to be exposed or not — we’ve rounded up 9 products to help you mind the skin and hair down there, and everything in between. Literally.


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