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8 Ways To Infuse Essential Oils Into Your Beauty Routine

These oils will bring you peace and relief.
When it comes to unwinding right before your bath or maybe a little aromatherapy right before bedtime, everyone loves a good essential oil.
Incredibly beneficial additions to your beauty routine, essential oils are just the ingredient you need to take your regimens up a notch. If you’re into taking a chance and taking your favorite essential oil from the diffuser to infuse it into your beauty routine, get into some of these creative ideas below.

Add Brightening Orange Oil to Your Facial Mist: Whether you try a DIY refreshing facial mist or buy your own, add a few drops of brightening orange oil to the mist to put a little pep in your step. Orange oil is a mood and energy booster, and adding drops to your facial mist or toner will give you a nice boost of energy.

Throw Lavender Into Your Bath or Shower: If you’re the type to indulge in a nice bath or shower before bed, adding some lavender into the mix will ensure a good night’s rest. Add a few drops to your favorite body scrub to not only exfoliate the dead skin, but to also give yourself a calming and relaxing treat right before bedtime.

Add Peppermint to Your Facial Moisturizer: If you’re into the tingling feeling, you can add a few drops of refreshing peppermint to your moisturizer. Not only will it leave your skin feeling hydrated and exhilarated, peppermint is also known to reduce headaches and can help relieve sinus pressure. If you’re suffering from chronic headaches and migraines, add peppermint to your moisturizer so you can massage the oil into your temples and your face.

Soak Your Feet In Some Juniper: Juniper is detoxifying and will help rid your body of harmful toxins. Add a few splashes of juniper essential oil to a foot soak to not only get soft feet that smell amazing, but also to let the stress of the day exit through your soles.

Make Your Own Astringent With Lemon: Add a few drops of lemon oil to some water or mist and keep it in a small spray bottle. Use it on your face as an astringent that can not only help brighten skin, but detoxify it as well.

Infuse Frankincense Into Your Shea Butter: Mixing a little frankincense oil into your shea butter will be your new favorite self care hack. Not only does it soften and help heal dry and damaged skin, frankincense also helps to prevent signs of aging on the skin, in addition to helping reduce stress.

Use Camomile Oil in Hair to Add Shine: Make your own mist with a few parts water and a few drops of camomile oil, or add some camomile oil to your favorite spray-in conditioner. Camomile oil softens hair and also helps it shine without weighing it down. Your strands will thank you.