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5 Products That Will Restore Dry Hands

These holy grail moisturizers will help your hands recover from excessive handwashing.
5 Products That Will Restore Dry Hands
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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, I’ve been washing my hands relentlessly and applying alcohol-based hand sanitizer several times a day.

Excessively cleaning my hands could result in dry, cracked skin, but I’ve been able to prevent them from becoming chapped and ashy with my arsenal of moisturizing hand creams and balms.

Unlike run-of-the-mill moisturizers, each formula packs nourishing ingredients that deliver hours of hydration without leaving my palms thirsty for more. And they also leave my skin feeling silky and smooth.

And in case you’re looking for products to soothe dry hands, here’s a list of my tried-and-tested go-to’s.