Today we celebrate the birthday of arguably one of the most dynamic musical icons of our time. Prince Rogers Nelson, known to us as simply Prince, was a trailblazer and pioneer, not only in music, but in beauty and fashion. With his refusal to be boxed into societal norms and notions of masculinity, he redefined for many what a man looks like. Though many questioned his sexuality as a result of his beauty and fashion choices, even in a time where long hair, eyeliner and nail polish was typical wear for musicians (and even though he was always surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous women, many of which he was rumored to have bedded), he forged on, staying true to his aesthetic and definition of beauty and gender.

Not subscribing to gender norms made him a hero to generations that will never know what it is to see Prince perform live, but who understand the importance of living in one’s truth, and who also benefit from the boldness of his choices. So on the day that he entered the world, we salute Prince and look at just a handful of the times (because really we could go on and on) that he reminded us that makeup and hair products are not just for the ladies. He constantly gave us looks that we treasured like diamonds and pearls. And on some occasions, put yours, your mama’s, and your sister’s blowouts to shame.