In just 2019 alone Angela Bassett has reminded us why we invest in jade rollers, teeth whitening kits, and boxing classes. And it’s only May. She might have recently received an honorary doctorate from Morehouse College (and an honorary doctorate from Yale in 2018), but since she hit the big screen Bassett has had her Masters in serving.

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With arms, cheekbones, skin, and a smile that make you want to get up and vogue, Muva is schooling the young ones on how to do it.

So, while we wait with bated breath (hoping it’ll give us those cheekbones) to see what magic she’ll bring to the forthcoming female assassin thriller Gunpowder Milkshake, we look back on some of the moments from this year that Muva Bassett made us remember why we love to be schooled by her on how to get our beauty together.