The category is super model realness and Indya Moore is winning the ball. With a new season of Pose premiering on FX Tuesday night, the excitement around the fate of the characters is growing. A standout in season one, Angel is on her way to proving everyone wrong, including herself, about what a model looks like.

Played by Moore, Angel is a unique cocktail of confidence and modesty, beauty and grit, and palpable tenderness topped off with a pinch of that New York City toughness you only get from being born and bred in one of the five boroughs. She’s optimistic and shameful at the same time, and genuine but not always honest, which brings a complexity to the character that makes you want more of her.

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It’s hard to believe that the actress, model, and advocate initially read for the part of Blanca, as they bring the heart of Angel through the lens so dynamically.

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They’re just as much of a delight on the red carpet, as we wait to see what they will do next. Since the first season of Pose ended until today, Indya Moore has been serving up beauty that makes you keep your fingers ready to double tap. Whether they’re rocking a natural fresh-faced look, a dramatic eye and lip duo, some gold grills, or a trendsetting ‘do, they never disappoint. So, as we wait anxiously for our next small screen dose of Moore as Angel, we look back at a year of beauty that ranked tens across the board.