10 Luxury Press-On Nail Brands To Try
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What if there was a way to get a fast, lavish, contact-free manicure that lasts and doesn’t cost a fortune.

A paint job this good may sound improbable, but with press-on nails, you can adorn your digits with all the bells and whistles, from shiny crystals to abstract art, at home and in no time for a fraction of salon prices.

Press-on nails have come a long way from basic pinky-nude tips. Thanks to talented nail artists and technicians, underwhelming press-on nails are a thing of the past. Now the styles are better than ever, and they come in customizable shapes and sizes too.

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The best part is press-on nails also have the staying power of a professional manicure, and some can even last for several weeks.

And considering the crippling uncertainly surrounding the spread COVID-19, there’s no better time than now to try press-on nails in lieu of getting your nails done by a professional.

So here are 10 places to shop for the prettiest press-on sets you’ve ever seen.


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