10 Genius Hair-Saving Products For Your Next Twerk Class

When is the last time you avoided the gym to protect a new hairdo? This is bad behavior we’re all guilty of, especially if it involves high intensity workouts like Bikram yoga (also known as “hot yoga”) or a hip hop twerk class.  

The truth is clear-cut and obvious: no one should compromise his or her health for the sake of keeping a style intact. The beauty market is constantly evolving and in 2016, there are more than enough hair-saving products to store in your gym bag for future workouts. Sweat in style with our 10 favorites.

Nikki Brown Aug, 09, 2016

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We swear by this sweet-smelling gel because it smoothes edges without leaving them crunchy and stringy and the argan oil formula also promotes hair growth. What's not to love?! $5, sallybeauty.com.

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Whether you use as a hair scrunchie or impromptu accessory, this hair tie will keep your hair from getting in the way, sans tugging and pulling. $8, beauty.com.

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Move over coconut: there’s a new oil in town! Thanks to the Sephora-exclusive brand, we’re obsessed with brassica seed oil, a natural alternative to silicone that silkens hair in between washes. This works especially well for heat-styled tresses. $26, sephora.com.

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Yes, black girls can and should use dry shampoo; it's an easy alternative to traditional cream shampoo. Hold the bottle six inches away from the head and apply to roots pre-workout. Allow the product to absorb oil as you work up a sweat and brush through strands once you’re done. $26, moroccanoil.com.

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Standard towels are actually terrible for curls. The coarse texture pull strands and promote frizz, rendering styling products obsolete. DevaTowel is made of gentle microfibers, specifically crafted for textured hair and worth the investment! $12, sephora.com.

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Wash-and-go naturalistas should keep a jar of this lightweight co-wash in their gym bags. It smells amazing, removes dirt instantly and will leave your locks crazy soft without destroying their natural pattern. $9, target.com.

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Don’t forget to finish your do with a spritz of hair perfume. This will save you from turning noses up when there isn’t time for a quick shampoo or co-wash. Philosophy is our go-to mist because it can also be used on the body. $27, ulta.com.

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If you want your hair away from the face, but don’t want to rock a ponytail, there are a variety of ways to manipulate this versatile hair clip on your head. $8, amazon.com.

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If the thought of unruly edges make you cringe, invest in Nicole Ari Parker’s stylish, but protective hair wrap for your high intensity workouts. It will literally “save your do” from falling out of place. $20, drugstore.com.

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Have a post-workout date and need your curls to bounce back quickly? This black-owned gel brand will take your wash-and-go to the next level as it holds your locks in place without compromising their softness and versatility. $25, unclefunkysdaughter.com.